cellara field controllers

Remote data telemetry has never been this easy!

 For years, Allyn Technology Group has provided hardware and software solutions for remote data telemetry applications in Asset Tracking, Energy Demand Management, and Environmental Monitoring.

Our Cellara™ line of Field Application Controllers are field-proven and in use around the globe in the most demanding applications, including pipeline construction, heavy-equipment asset tracking, municipal water treatment, waste management and monitoring and remediation of natural waters.

Cellara’s unique capability to span multiple application types comes from the ease in which you can configure it with a broad range of sensor types, including MODBUS®, RS-485, 4-20 mA and Pulse, as well as support for RS-232 serial sensors. Programmable sensor types, sensor reading frequencies, call-in schedules and alarm parameters allow detailed monitoring of remote field conditions from your web-enabled device. SMS and Email notifications provide immediate notification when something is out-of-bounds. For even tighter integration to your enterprise applications, full software APIs are available for most software architectures.

Cellara™ Features

Wireless Operation - Enables installation at sites that do not have power and phone lines available or when bringing those facilities to the data collection point would be cost-prohibitive. 

Device Power Management - Turn on sensors only when needed; Turn off when not needed to conserve power and extend unattended operations. Use Cellara’s intelligent power modes and battery charging circuits for extremely low power consumption and long battery life.

Web-Based Portal Access - Manage modem and sensor configurations, such as data collection frequency, reporting and alarm limits, over the web. Login to the web portal and start using the system as soon as your devices are turned on. View data online from your desktop or mobile device. Download data for advanced off-line analysis.

MODBUS® Compatible - Works with popular MODBUS- enabled sensors, including Instrumentation Northwest (INW) CT2X, PT2X and TempHion water quality sensors.

Multi-Use Platform - Use the same web platform for environmental data monitoring and field asset and personnel tracking. Choose Cellara™ device configurations that meet your needs, and view all the data on one web platform.

Integrate Easily with REST or SOAP APIs - Software developer application programming interfaces (APIs) are available through RESTful web services or Simple Object Access Protocols (SOAP) to allow full device integration with your in-house enterprise systems.


Cellara’s web-based application allows you to manage who has access to view and manage your devices and their data. Both the web application and our powerful software API’s use SSL encryption to protect data from unwanted eyes. Cellular traffic is encrypted over direct-to-carrier Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and all accesses are logged for audit traceability.

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